Automate PPC Optimization With Two Adwords Scripts

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Is 10 Minutes of your Time Worth Automating
90% of PPC Bid and Budget Management?

I think so.  I’ll give you the tools you need and show you how to use them.

Here’s the deal: join the club and you’ll get access to these scripts and others that help you automated your Adwords PPC.

Intimidated by Adwords scripts?  Never implemented a script before?  That’s OK.  It does require a little bit of setup but I’ve taken lots of screenshots and I’ve made installation videos to show you how to implement.  After purchase, you’ll get access to my members-only section where I show you step-by-step what to do and how to implement.

In case you’re not familiar with my scripts, learn more here: budget management script and bid management script.

Budget Management Script VideoBid Management Script Video


Essentially, these two scripts can help you automate 90% of your PPC management.  Imagine being able to define your monthly budget, or any budget over the course of any time period, and never having to worry about whether your budget is on track, under-budget or over-budget.  Then, imagine your keyword-level Max CPC bids being updated automatically based on whether or not keywords are hitting your target goals.

These scripts can do all that work for you automatically!

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My Adwords Scripts

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So here’s the plan to be successful with these scripts.

The PlanBid and Budget Management Script Automation Plan

Step One – Installation

After purchase, you will receive an email with next steps at the Paypal email address you paid with.  That email will contain instructions on how to access your members-only area and get you immediately started with actionable step-by-step instructions.

Step Two – Setup & Configuration

The bid management script has pre-filled rules that I’ve used based on a keyword’s converted clicks, average position, and cost / converted clicks metrics.  You’ll want to modify this script with your own bid rules that make sense for your conversion goals and cost-per-acquisition goals.  With so many options, you can get really creative here.  Since everything is done within a Google spreadsheet, you can add rules quickly and easily.

You might be intimidated by the thought of setting rules up when you know very little about PPC (if you’re new).  Here’s some questions to consider:

  • Do I want certain keywords to be held in a high position?
  • Do I want to hold my brand keywords in a high position?
  • Do I want to bid on competitors and if so, how aggressive do I want to be?
  • What is my target Cost per conversion?
  • Do I have conversion tracking installed correctly (highly advisable that you use this!)?
  • What do I consider a conversion?
  • If a keyword has a conversion, but it has spent more than I want to pay per conversion, what would I like to do to the bid?
  • How do I track and measure success?
  • What is the max I’m willing to pay per click?

Those are just a few ideas to get the wheels turning in terms of strategy.  For example, let’s say you have a target Cost Per Converted Click of $25 but a keyword has a cost of $30 with no converted clicks.  Would you want to reduce the bid if the cost is greater than $25 and converted clicks equals zero?  Or, do you start lowering bids when Cost Per Converted Click is 150% ($37.50) of your Cost Per Converted Click target?  Or, do you go by number of clicks to give the keyword a chance to convert?  These are all just ideas here to get you thinking about how you should handle certain bid situations.

My Bid Management spreadsheet comes pre-populated with rules so you can see how I would set it up.  My pre-populated rules use a strategy that says first, has the keyword converted or not converted?  If it has converted, it is getting results for me so I want to handle it differently than those that have not converted.  Next, I look at the average position of the keyword – is it high, OK, or low position?  Lastly, I look at the cost per converted click (CPA) – is it over my target CPA, in the middle, or low CPA?  I use these three factors per rule to determine how to manage the bids.

The budget management script has just a few fields to fill in like budget start date, budget end-date, budget amount, etc.  For more info on the other fields, watch the video.

Change Weekend Spend Percentage

Step Three – Schedule Scripts to Run

You can schedule your scripts to run hourly, daily, weekly, etc.  My preference is to schedule them to run Daily and at 3 AM.  The reason is, I want the scripts to make changes daily and when very little activity is occurring.  Most people are sleeping at that time.  This feature is what helps you automated the entire process.  This script will be constantly rebalancing your daily budgets as well as automating bid changes you would do manually if you have unlimited amount of time.

Adwords Scripts Frequency and Scheduling

That’s it.  If you have any questions or have requests on something you’d like me to cover in more detail, drop me a comment below and let me know!

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