Multi-Campaign Budget Management Script

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Sometimes you need to manage budgets across multiple campaigns.  One solution is to use Adwords shared budgets.  The problem with using Adwords shared budgets is that they allocate spend to campaigns regardless of their performance.

For example, let’s say you had a shared budget controlling 6 campaigns.  Pretend that 2 of these campaigns barely spend any money but convert really well. Then lets say 3 are for driving traffic and 1 is a brand campaign.

I hear you saying “Yes, but I could just make 3 separate shared budgets.”  You could, but just ask yourself… what’s easier from a management perspective – managing one shared budget or 3 shared budgets (which are really one budget)?

To the point, using Adwords shared budgets, there’s no way to tell Google to allocate as much spend as possible to your best performing campaigns based on what they can spend.

That’s where this Multi-campaign budget management script comes in.

It will look at your 30-day average spend for a given campaign.  It will then look at performance such as CPA and number of conversions.  Based on that, it will rank them and allocate spend to the best campaigns based on the maximum they can spend given your 30-day spend average.

Said another way, it looks at your campaigns and allocates as much spend possible to your best performing campaigns FIRST based one how much they CAN spend.  Whatever is left over gets allocated to the campaigns that underperform.

This script has been tested and I’ve seen really good results.

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Multi-Campaign Budget Management Script FAQ

How do I format the Campaign cell?

If you have campaigns named Campaign1, Campaign2, and Campaign66, you would format the B6 cell by inputting: Campaign1,Campaign2,Campaign66,

2 things that are important to note:

  1. No space after the comma
  2. Comma at the end of the last campaign name

Multi-Campaign Script Campaign Name Format

Invalid date range error?

Running "Multi Campaign Budget Management" from location: Scripts/MultiCampaignBudgetManager.js
Invalid date range: 'from' must not be later than 'to'. (line 22)

Date Range Invalid

The reason this is happening is because Today’s Date is before the Budget Start Date.  The script is attempting to update the budget but today’s date does not fall within the budget start and end dates.  So it throws this error.  To solve this, there are several options.

  1. Edit your Budget Start Date to today’s date.
  2. Wait to implement the script until 6/1/2014.
  3. Input the script and schedule it.  In the example above, the script would fail on 5/25/2014 – 5/31/2014 but when 6/1/2014 = Today’s date, the script would work and begin managing campaign budgets.
  4. Preview with a date range that is current (to get comfortable with understanding how it works) and then once you see how everything works, change the date range to a future Start and End date ranges you want.

The single budget management spreadsheet has inputs of weekend spend % and volatility but the multi-campaign budget spreadsheet doesn’t. Why is this?

The multi-campaign budget management script uses different logic than the single-campaign budget management script.  That doesn’t mean the multi-campaign script can’t have these inputs added, however, the logic would be very complex because the script manages potentially many campaigns.

If you’re concerned about not having the flexibility to turn Weekend spend off, this is easily solved.  In Adwords, simply go to Settings > Ad schedule and you can change the ad scheduling for a campaign. Remember that any settings you set in Adwords will override any settings you set in this spreadsheet.

For example, if you set Weekend spend % to 100% in the single campaign budget management script but in Adwords, you have ad scheduling that runs Monday – Friday, the result is that your ads will only show Monday – Friday regardless of what Weekend spend % is set in the single campaign budget spreadsheet.

Ad Scheduling Monday through Friday

Another example.  If you wanted to reduce spend during the weekend days, you can use ad scheduling to reduce bids.

True, this doesn’t change the campaign budgets, but you will spend less on the weekends which is the ultimate goal of the Weekend Spend % feature in the single campaign budget management script.

Ad Scheduling 7 Days a Week With Reduced Bids on Weekends

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