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My Multi-Campaign Budget Management Script is great for managing the budgets of 20 campaigns or less.  Yes, it can manage possibly more campaigns than 20 but I’ve never personally tested it.  Furthermore, the Multi-campaign budget management script doesn’t let you edit Weekend Spend % or Volatility inputs (like my single campaign budget script does).

Not to worry! I have the solution.

Introducing my Shared Budget Management Script.

Use this script when you want to manage multiple campaigns belonging to a single budget.

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How does it work?

  1. Create a Shared Budget in Adwords (super-easy)
  2. Setup your Google Docs spreadsheet that I will supply you with
  3. Paste in your Adwords Script

What does this Adwords script do?

It changes you daily SHARED budget.  You can schedule it to change your shared budget hourly, daily, or weekly which helps you hit your targeted spend amount.

Imagine this.

You have 200 campaigns in an account but they ALL belong to a single monthly budget of $10,000.  Managing 200 individual campaign budgets while trying to hit a targeted monthly spend of $10,000 could be hard to manage.  You have to monitor spend, update individual campaign budgets, determine HOW to allocate the $10,000 across 200 campaigns… and the list of challenges goes on and on.

Instead, create one Shared budget, put these 200 campaigns under this budget, and let my Shared Budget Management system do the work for you.

Adwords Shared Budgets

Creating a Shared Budget is easy.  You navigate to the Shared library and under Budgets you create one.  You enter a budget name, an initial budget amount, and you define the campaigns that belong to this Shared Budget.  Optionally, you can set your delivery method to Standard or Accelerated.

Create a Shard Budget

So now, you have 200 campaigns being controlled by a single Shared Budget that is targeting a monthly spend of $10,000 ($328.95 per day).

Some days you might spend $328.95, some days you might spend $280.  The problem with Adwords is that on the days you don’t spend your full $328.95, it doesn’t try to help you spend it later.  This could cause you to be under-budget and under-spent at the end of the month.  If this happened 10 out of 31 days, you’d be $489.50 under-spent.

That’s why you need my script.

It helps you hit your targeted spend goal automatically by re-balancing your Shared Budget daily amount.

How does the Shared Budget Script Compare to the Multi-Campaign Budget Script?

The shared budget script manages 1 single shared budget.  This is similar to how the single campaign budget management script manages a single campaign budget.

The multi-campaign budget management script manages multiple campaign budgets AND ALSO allocates more budget to campaigns with better converted clicks and cost per converted clicks performance.

How do you decide which script to use?

  • If you have more than 20 campaigns you want to manage under a single budget, use the Shared Budget Management Script.
  • If you have less than 20 campaigns and you want to allocate the most spend to the best converting campaigns, use the Multi-Campaign Budget Management Script.
  • If you don’t care about allocating more or less spend to better-performing campaigns, use the Shared Budget Management Script.
  • If you want to have more control over weekend budgets or want to spend more or less in the beginning of the month, use the Shared Budget Management Script.
  • If you want something simple, use the Shared Budget Management Script.
  • If you have less than 20 campaigns and want to know how conversion performance is doing for each campaign, use the Multi-Campaign Budget Management Script.

Note: 20 campaigns is just my advice.  I’ve never tested it on 20 campaigns.  I think set-up would be harder and I am not sure about the spreadsheet cell character limits that you might run into if trying to enter 20+ campaign names into a single cell.

When does the script change my Shared Budget amount?

You can schedule this script to change your Shared Budget one time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or never.  I recommend setting it daily.  This means the Shared Budget will be updated every single day based on how much was spent in prior day, how much is remaining, and how many days are left in the time period.

Adwords Scheduling

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